Churches Together in Dorking Prayers: 
Members of CTD all pray for one church, community, congregation, organisation or initiative each week.

Chairman: Father Tony Milner (RC)
Vice-Chairman: Rosemary Elias (Quakers) and
Secretary: Debs Bunn (Anglican, St Martin's)
The Treasurer continues to be Tim Golding (Free Evangelical)

Elizabeth Dobson continues as a trustee of CTD, along with Revd Paul Gough and Paul Crozier (both Crossways), whilst Rosemary Elias replaces Peter Essex.

CTD Shared Services.
Please note in your diaries the Shared Services booked so far this year are:-
30th June 6.30 pm at St Paulís
30th September 6.00 pm at the Friends' Meeting House.

What's the new idea?



Churches Together in Dorking

All member churches and others in the area are invited to nominate

two people

to visit other local churches together occasionally -for Sunday worship

- to learn from each other

-to understand one another more

Like it?

Then please send names and email addresses of your nominees to

Peter Essex c/o

Thought is being given to an ecumenical choir for united services and possibly for more exchanges of pulpits.
There is also consideration of a CTD website.
ould each church nominate someone to join a group tasked to look at coordinated response
to needs for practical emergency support/crisis intervention rather than each church trying to go it alone?
Might there be a strategy for ensuring that chaplaincy is present for all local care homes?
What about a local interfaith dialogue? There is good news that street pastors are up and running again.

Dorking Area Foodbank

Details of items particularly needed at any time are listed in the weekly church news sheet.

 CTD has a Twitter account (@ctdorking) and a Facebook group (CTDorking)

The Foodbank also has a Facebook page (dorkingareafoodbank)



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