Coronavirus - Pastoral Care.
Can the pastoral team reiterate that if anyone is housebound, for any reason, and especially at this time,
the pastoral team can always be contacted and will be pleased to offer assistance
in getting any essentials such as food or medicines.
Please either call the Church Office on 01306 884229
or for direct support from the Pastoral Team email: s

Safeguarding in the Christian Centre

Every person has a value and dignity which comes directly from the creation of humans in Godís own image and likeness.
Christians see this potential as fulfilled by Godís re-creation of us in Christ.
Among other things this implies a duty to value all people as bearing the image of God and therefore to protect them from harm.

Dorking Methodist Church is committed to:

  •  the care and nurture of, and respectful pastoral ministry with, all children, young people and adults
  • the safeguarding and protection of all children, young people and adults when they are vulnerable
  • the establishing of safe, caring communities which provide a loving environment
  • where there is informed vigilance as to the dangers of abuse.

Dorking Methodist Church will carefully select and train all those with any responsibility within the Church and Christian Centre,
in line with Safer Recruitment principles,
including the use of criminal records disclosures and registration with the relevant vetting and barring schemes.


We take Safeguarding seriously. If you have any concerns please contact:

Christian Centre and St. Martinís Church

Sue Jamieson 01306 740954

Please contact the Christian Centre Manager for the full Safeguarding Policy
or the Safeguarding Policy for Hirers at

Pastoral Care at St. Martin's Church and Christian Centre

 St Martin's Church and the Christian Centre are here to support you and the Dorking Community, both pastorally and spiritually. 
Sometimes life circumstances present a time when you need a listening ear. 
The church team has three trained and authorised Pastoral Assistants and two Methodist Pastoral Visitors
all of whom can offer understanding and prayerful support
if you need to talk to someone in complete confidence, for whatever reason.
Should there be anyone in the church family for whom you are concerned about do
contact one of the Pastoral Team or Visitors.
  This would be helpful so we can prayerfully support the relevant person.
  The Christian Centre employs a Lay Chaplain for 15 hours a week
who provides pastoral care and support to the people who visit the Centre especially in the Cafť,
but she is available for anyone who visits.


Val (our previous Minister) has finished her term on Fiji,
and now serves as a Minister at Boston in Lincolnshire.

Rev. William (Bill) Murphy

Bill died on 13 November 2012, aged 82. He was Superintendent Minister at Dorking in the 1980s.

We salute his memory, and know he would like continued support for the Karibuni Trust:
Stoke Mandeville Methodist Church, Eskdale Road, Stoke Mandeville, HP22 5UJ






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