Informal Coffee Morning.
Wednesday 2nd August 10.30 am - 11.45 am. Small Hall at the Christian Centre.
This is a coffee morning for people who would like to discuss/listen/share/talk about dying,
their concerns regarding death and to know about some of the practicalities relating to death.
Please book through the Centre Manager on 01306 886830.  Rowan Nunnerley, Centre Chaplain


Book 6.30 pm on Saturday September 23.
A light supper is included.
No entry charge, but donations to Christian Aid and the Centre funds.

This is returning to Sandown Park at Esher from Tuesday October 17 until Thursday October 19.
More information:

If you have been used to seeing a copy of the Diocesan newspaper "The Wey" inside the magazine,
please note that the August issue of the newspaper will be the last before its closure.

The latest issue of the Methodist magazine - The Connexion - Issue 8, Spring 2017- is out.
There will be some copies in church, or you can view at

Pastoral Care at St. Martin's Church and Centre

Life sometimes delivers severe blows and problems that are just too much to cope with on your own.  
The Church and Christian Centre are here to support you and the community of Dorking both pastorally and spiritually.
 If you need somebody to talk to in complete confidence, for whatever reason, we are here to help.
The Church Pastoral team has three trained and authorised Pastoral Assistants and two Methodist Pastoral Visitors,
all of whom are experienced and can offer understanding and prayerful support.  
The Christian Centre offers a drop-in Listening Service on Monday mornings in the Centre Café (10:30 – 12:00).  
The Chaplain is usually available on Monday mornings plus variable other weekday mornings,
but you may prefer to make an appointment to see her via the Centre Managers.  
One of our Monday morning Listeners is also a trained Counsellor (UPCA registered) and she can offer private appointments on request for counselling. 

Methodist Publishing Catalogue 
Choose from a wide range of gifts, fair trade and Methodist branded goods, resources, books and much more.
Visit to get a free copy.

The 2016 Annual Conference of the Methodist Church
passed a resolution containing the following text:


The United Kingdom, as a result of the referendum on 23 June 2016, has voted to leave the European Union. 

In this time of very significant change and uncertainty there is a need for leadership which seeks the common good and encourages people to work together, to respect one another and to uphold the dignity of all.

 The Methodist Conference believes that the British Isles are enriched by diversity and celebrates the contribution made by those who have come from other parts of the world.

 The Christian tradition calls for respect, tolerance, love of neighbour and hospitality to the stranger. All bear the responsibility of speaking and acting for healing, reconciliation, and mutual respect.

 The Methodist Conference abhors and deeply regrets those actions and words which incite hatred and lead to the victimisation of groups within society and notes with concern that such actions and words have been normalised in recent public discourse. Believing that racism is a denial of the gospel and that to stay silent when others are abused is to collude with those who seek to promote hatred and division, the Methodist 

Conference calls on the Methodist people to challenge racism and discrimination
for a political debate which neither demonises any nor leaves the vulnerable (the foreigner, the immigrant and refugee) in danger of victimisation.
on political leaders to work together for the good of the whole community putting the needs of the nation before party politics.
on all those in positions of power and authority to hear the voices of those who have been marginalised and alienated and to respond to them in ways which offer real hope for the future.

From Revd Dr Malcolm Rothwell:

My latest book is entitled ‘Running the Race, finding God in the London marathon’.  
It is very short but the exercises and points to ponder will take a little longer.  
It can be bought in bookshops or Amazon (also the kindle version) – and from me.   £5.99.  Why not treat yourself – and buy a present for someone!


Val (our previous Minister) sent a greeting:
"Greetings from Suva, in the Fiji Islands. 
I’m now serving as Director of Theological Education by Extension at the Pacific Theological College. 
Contact details are below, and there is a link to my blog, if of interest. 
The appointment runs for another two years. 
Contact, news and passers-by always welcome! 
Love and blessings, Val. 

Pacific Theological College, P O Box 388, 78 Vuya Road, Veiuto, Suva, Fiji Islands."
Twitter: @RevValOgden

Rev. William (Bill) Murphy

Bill died on 13 November 2012, aged 82.  He was Superintendent Minister at Dorking in the 1980s.

We salute his memory, and know he would like continued support for the Karibuni Trust:
Stoke Mandeville Methodist Church, Eskdale Road, Stoke Mandeville, HP22 5UJ






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