As I write the May Chaplain’s Corner it is Easter week-end.  On Good Friday Christians from a variety of churches in the town walked their usual Procession from the Dorking Halls, along the High Street to St Martin’s Church.  An ecumenical service was held in the church gardens led by Father Tony, Pastor Nelson Porter leading the music and Revd. David Bedford from the United Reformed Church giving the main talk.
This service was special because were not only remembering Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross but also the fact He is now risen and seated at the right hand of God in glory.  We have been promised that Jesus will return to gather his own.  In Acts 1 v 11b we are assured that ‘This same Jesus who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you (the disciples) have seen him go into heaven’.
Paul in the first letter to the Thessalonians 4 v 13-18 talks about those who have died are ‘asleep’ and that the Lord will come down from heaven triumphantly to take all of us who believe in the ‘resurrected’ Jesus to be with Him (the Lord) for ever.
It is difficult for our finite minds to grasp and understand these verses in the Bible, but by faith, we are to believe, and, be encouraged that one day this will happen. 
Life at The Christian Centre has been busy over the months of March and April.  I have led a Lent Study entitled ‘At the Cross’ where we met various people who were around at Jesus’ crucifixion, namely:- The Centurion, The Criminal, Joseph of Arimathea, Mary the mother of Jesus  , Thaddaeus (also known as Judas, son of James) and lastly Martha.  The people who attended these Lent Sessions came from different Dorking Churches – the Grace Baptist Church, St Joseph’s, Crossways, St John’s North Holmwood and St Martin’s.  We had some interesting and thought provoking discussions, but we ourselves all hopefully also had a taste of meeting Jesus ‘At the Cross’.
The Women’s Fellowship have also invited me to speak twice. The first talk was about ‘Mountains’ and we saw photographs of various mountains around the world including Mount Nebo and Mount Sinai.  We have all had mountain experiences whether they have been high or low ones, but God is there in the midst whatever our circumstances.  In Holy Week I shared doing a talk with Hazel and we looked at the Holiness of God.
I continue to provide pastoral care in The Centre and visit people in their home or in hospital when appropriate, but always in conjunction with the various church Pastoral Assistants.
The Listening Service is now provided most Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays by Myrtle, David and Diana respectively and thanks go out to them for providing this important service.
I am planning to meet the current Listeners on a monthly basis in the future to pray for the people they meet and for each other.
We do need more Listeners so that each week day is covered.  If there is anyone interested in The Listening Service please contact the Centre Chaplain, Rowan on 01306 886830.
I myself have attended Module Three of the Acorn Listening Course so I am now a certified ‘Professional Listener’!

 The Centre Staff and Volunteers loyally continue to provide a wonderful service to all the people who attend The Christian Centre, especially to the Café Visitors.
We now look forward to Pentecost but I close this month’s ‘Chaplain’s Corner’ with a poem.


O Jesus thank you for your sacrificial love
We know it has come from God above
You were nailed to that cross for us
So that our sins would be forgiven plus
How we thank and praise you for this
We are for ever grateful heaven we now will not miss
You during your life on this earth,
Healed, mourned, and wept as well as giving us a new birth
Through your death on Calvary’s Cross
We are saved by grace and are no longer lost
You rose from the dead and are now crowned with glory
O what sacrificial love, and, O what a story
So let us commit ourselves afresh to You
And learn to give ourselves to You through and through
Help us we pray to be more and more like Jesus
So that His light and love will shine through us
May God continue to bless you at all times and in all circumstances.                                                               
Rowan Nunnerley (Centre Chaplain)


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