Where has 2018 gone?  We now are already entering the second month of 2019 and what challenges do we face either individually or as a community?

The country is in turmoil with Brexit.  ‘Deal’ or ‘No Deal’?.  Defeated ‘deals’.  Either way big decisions will have to be made to enable our country to ‘keep on its feet’.  The country must work together, particularly the Government parties, for the good of the people.  Stop the bickering, the arguments, the conflicts, the differences and let us try and have a united front.  Very difficult knowing the various personalities in our current Government and House of Commons.

What is the answer?  PRAYER 

Prayer for the nation; prayer for our country; prayer for our leaders; prayer for our Sovereign Queen and the Royal Family; prayer for our town of Dorking; prayer for us as individuals as well as for our families, friends and relations.

Let’s consider praying for Dorking.

 D          DIOCESE          -           of Guildford and in particular for all our local churches and clergy

 O         ORDINANDS    -           for ordinands in training and as two of them prepare for ordination at the end of June

 R          RESIDENTS      -           in Dorking town; for our neighbours where we live

 K          KINGDOM       -           pray for people to come into God’s Kingdom; pray for people who do not believe in You

 I           ILLNESS            -           pray for people we know who are ill and for God’s healing hand to be upon them

 N          NEEDY             -           pray for the people we know (or don’t know) who are poor,
                                                homeless, vulnerable or who have mental health issues

 G          GODLINESS      -           pray for godliness so that we will become more and more
                                                like Jesus; to be holy, godly, Christ-like.  Shine for Jesus and be
                                                a beacon of light to the people we meet in our daily lives

Christmas Day was a great success and our thanks to Helen, Sue and all the volunteers who enabled the day to be so enjoyable.  Please see further article in the magazine by Helen.

By the time you read this article The Churches Together in Dorking (CTD) will have held their Annual General Meeting and the United Service, the latter being led by our two Pentecostal churches that hold services in The Christian Centre.

The CTD are undertaking a survey on which churches visit the various Care Homes in and around Dorking.  I have visited four Care Homes so far and have received a very positive reception.  The purpose of doing the survey is to find out whether there are Care Homes where no church visits and if this is the case to ask them would they like church people to visit their Care Home.  Also to identify any service they would think beneficial, for example befriending residents, reading to residents.

The Listening Course commenced on the 17th January and eight people attended with six different churches being represented.  I think we will have some challenging and interesting discussions over the next five weeks.

Dates for further sessions:      24/01, 31/01, 07/02,14/02 and 21/02
Day:  Thursdays 10:00 – 12 noon            Venue:             Upper Lounge, The Christian Centre 

People are welcome to join us even though the course has started.

I would like to conclude this month’s Chaplain’s Corner with a prayer by Mother Theresa.

Dear Jesus, help me to spread Thy fragrance everywhere I go.  Flood my soul with Thy Spirit and love.  Shine through me that every soul I come into contact with may feel Thy presence in me.  Let them look up and see no longer me but only Jesus.  Stay with me and then I shall begin to shine as You shine, so to be a light to others.                                     Amen.



Rowan Nunnerley (Centre Chaplain)

Contact details: 01306 886830 or 07706 041339



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